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The laminating machines from Meyer enables a multiplicity of applications. Possible areas of application include foil and powder coating, calibrating, thermofixing and surface consolidation. As a machine building company with decades of experience we provide you with solutions in the field of Flatbed laminating lines which are individually adapted to your requirements. With our in-house developed modules and optional features we are able to configure optimal and economical production lines together with our customers.

°C maximum temperature
mm maximum machine width
individual types

Functionality flatbed-laminating

Meyer’s flatbed laminator systems are double belt presses with integrated contact heating and cooling. The materials that are laminated are heated very gentle. Due to the long heating zone the materials are laminated perfectly with high bonding strength. Right after the heating the materials can be pressed together or calibrated to a set thickness with the pressure rollers. To stabilize this compound the materials a cooled down before they exit the double belt press. With the flat gap between the belts and the precise height adjustment even rigid plates with a thickness of up to 150mm can be laminated.

Our technologies - an overview

Spring-mounted elements
Adjustable pressure roller
Optimized heating zones
Quick belt changing

Web and foil lamination

Glass mat production

Lamination with separate cooling unit

Powder lamination

Thermo-lamination of granulates

Powder coating with calander

With our lamination system solutions, we normally use thermoplastic adhesives as they provide a simple, environmentally friendly and, for almost any application, usable solution. In addition to environmental and health aspects, recyclability, purity of variety or fogging become an important matter. Depending on the individualized specifications, alternative adhesive systems such as reactive adhesive can be run with our machines.

Types of adhesives:

  • Thermoplastics
  • Reactive adhesions
  • Self-adhesive systems
  • Solvent adhesives

Types of appearance:

  • powder
  • dispersion, paste-like, or fluid
  • webs, nets, or films
  • thermo-liquefied granules or block shapes

Would you like to find out more about the technologies and machines that are suitable for you? Or do you want to test your products in our Test Center? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.