Colors both Brilliant Scratch Resistant

By using the method of thermo-transfer different materials can be imprinted and designed with colors. The print offers a special color absorption and is especially suitable for fibrous materials such as fabrics and carpets. For plastic surfaces, coated or painted, the print is particularly scratch resistant because the color molecules penetrate themselves deep in the material structure. ?With the thermotransfer systems from Meyer among others board games, ski and snowboard surfaces, carpets, tiles and panels as well as painted metal surfaces, flags or t-shirts can be designed with the ideal color and also become UV resistant during the process.

Ski at once
heating zones
°C maximum temperature


Inside the heating press the thermo-transfer carrier material is placed on the material to be printed on and then both materials are heated together. High temperatures and high pressure inside the press allow the color pigments on the carrier material to sublimate. This means that they change into gaseous state and thus can penetrate deep into the material to be printed. Afterwards the color is fixed inside a cooling press.

Process parameters


Our thermotransfer machines do have the machine identification AHV-BF.


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