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Meyer offers innovative solutions for the thermomolding sector, especially for automotive interior applications. Typical applications are headliners, carpet underbodies, trunk linings, parcel shelves, door panels and many more. Our competence is particularly evident in material guiding and automation. Renowned manufacturers place their trust in our lines which are characterized by sophisticated technology, innovative solutions and reliability. Depending on the requirements we design lines in different dimensions and with different press forces as well as manual simple systems up to fully automatic molding lines.

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The panel to be molded is positioned onto the positioning table. The panel is either manually placed, positioned automatically from a stack by means of a handling or is automatically unrolled from the roll, cut to length and positioned. The heating station heats up the panel. The molding press is equipped with a tool with the requested contour and consists of a top and a bottom shell. Basically there are two types of presses: the single-acting and the double-acting press. There are different possibilities to clamp the panel at the side during molding: tensioning frame in combination with a simple transport system, grippers on the tool in combination with a simple transport system or active grippers on the transport system. The transport system conveys the panel through the single stations. It consists of either a simple clamping bar or is equipped with special grippers.

Process parameters


In mass production the material flow has to be perfected and the automation has to be effective in order to ensure quality and profit. By use of active grippers which optimally tension the material at the critical points, costs can be reduced massively. The gripping edge is minimized and thus waste is reduced significantly.

Our molding presses can either be single-acting or double-acting systems with press forces ranging from 20 to 500 tons.

Different transport systems are available for automated material transport. Individual active clamping systems can be integrated to create an optimal time and material saving production process. Part unloading, stacking or integration of further process steps are possible without any problems.

There are various individual machine types which can be roughly divided into:

  • TVA Carpet molding line
  • HVA Headliner molding line
  • VA Molding line
  • HP Heating press
  • VP Molding press


Preforming CFK | Carpet molding | WHEEL ARCH LINER

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