Even Precise

In the field of scattering technology Meyer offers machines which are perfectly suited for application of powdery material. Our lines can process thermoplastic powders, active carbon, filler material etc. and can be applied, for example, on technical textiles, foils, leather, foams, nonwovens, sheets and other plane material. The machines ensure an even and homogeneous distribution of scattering material and are highly flexible thanks to individually adjustable working width.

needles per square inch
mm minimum working width
g/m2 minimum scattering quantity


The substrate to be scattered passes underneath the powder scattering head maintaining a uniform speed by means of a conveyor belt. The powdery material is led through a hopper onto a specially coated roller. A Ductor blade, spring laid to the scattering roller, strikes off the excessive powder from the turning scattering roller, thus the powder remains in the gaps of the scattering roller coating only. An oscillating brush brushes off the powder from the scattering roller. In order to guarantee a uniform spreading of powder as well as breaking up of lumps, the powder falls non-contacting depending on its flowability, through one or more oscillating distributor sieves onto the material lane. The quantity of powder to be spread is regulated by means of the scattering roller's adjustable speed.

Process parameters


Short conversion times and good operability are crucial for efficient production. The user-friendly Meyer scattering system enables an exchange time for scattering roller or brush belt shorter than 5 minutes in case of maintenance or process changeover. Furthermore it is possible to archive specified weights as recipes or to store them in real time for process monitoring.

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