Laboratory press

Modular Innovative

Our laboratory presses enable you to develop new products. Highest pressures and temperatures up to 400° C are available. Precise parallelism of heating plates and closing of presses solves also complex tasks in the processing of modern composites. The modular concept of laboratory presses allows the presses to be modified for heating or molding. Compact transport systems handle the transfer of the sometimes hot materials into the next press. We can therefore also offer the optimal solution on a small scale.

t maximum press force
°C maximum temperature of heating plates


By means of time and path controlled opening and closing of press form and function of the component can be specifically influenced. The single parameters can be entered as variables into the control and can be saved once the product development has been successful. The results can be transferred to big press systems which guarantees highest reproducibility. Safety of operating personnel is secured by means of a two-hand start or a safety light curtain. The presses can by flexibly designed as heating, tempering or cooling presses. The operation mode of all our large presses can be adjusted in lab scale. Therefore we do have lab-scale machines for thermoforming, thermostamping, thermoconsolidation and thermotransfer in our test center. Also we offer laboratory machines for sale to our customers.

Process parameters


The laboratory presses made by Meyer are distinguished by their low energy demand. Due to their compact design they require little space and are therefore very flexible to use. Furthermore our laboratory presses are economically attractive because of their low initial costs.

Technical data

 Typ 3530-HPTyp 4545-HPTyp 4545-VP
Press area (mm)350 x 300450 x 450450 x450
Pressure max. (t)202020
Pressure (N/cm2)5 bis 2005 bis 1005 bis 100
Daylight and stroke (mm)0 bis 3000 bis 3000 bis 300
Speed: Closing (mm/sec)707070
Speed: Pressing (mm/sec)888
Speed: Opening (mm/sec)130130130
Power consumption (kW)10,5202
Temp. heating plates max (°C)400400
Heating capacity (kW)2 x 4,42 x 9
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)760 x 760 x 1,600760 x 760 x 1,600760 x 760 x 1,600
Weight (kg)800850850

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