Warming Cooling

The consolidation presses from Meyer are discontinuously working laminating lines for thermoconsolidation and provide significantly higher pressures than continuously working laminating machines. Our economic concept allows temperatures up to 400°C. The materials to be consolidated are stepped through the line and thereby accurately heated, compressed with extreme pressures and cooled down again. These consolidation systems are especially suitable for thermoconsolidation of carbon layers and all materials which demand particularly high pressures at high processing temperatures.

t maximum press force
N/cm2 pressure
°C maximum temperature


The materials pass through a stepped process with several heating and cooling presses. This discontinuous process makes it possible to selectively heat, compress or cool the materials in the individual steps according to the requirements to obtain the desired end product. This process can be done from roll to roll or processing panel material.

Process parameters


Special feature of the sheeter press is its stepped process. The transport system steps the materials through the heating and cooling presses in which pressures up to 70 bar can be realized.

AHV-S for Sheets
The laboratory presses AHV-S can also be used as a consolidation line to produce thermoplastic Organo-Sheets. Therefore we have developed a solution in which several AHV-S presses are combined to maximize consolidation of fiber-prepregs. The prepregs are stepped through the presses by means of a transport system and thus heated to the required temperature and controlled cooled down again. High specific pressures and high temperatures guarantee optimal results.

In general a distinction is made between the laboratory size AHV-S for sheets and the big discontinuous laminating lines DKA.

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