Test Center

Do you have an innovative idea you want to realize? We would be happy to assist you in testing and implementation at the Meyer test center. In our test center you do have the opportunity to test our machines and the know-how of our developers. Initial first trials are of course free of charge and for extensive tests you can rent the Meyer test center. In case a new acquisition of one of our machines is not profitable we can take over the production for you. You pay only the effective time of use. Convince yourself on-site of the quality and the functionality of our products.

Our Test Center offers:

  • Initial first trials free of charge for new developments
  • Consulting for line concepts
  • Development of line concepts (Engineering)
  • Consulting for adhesives
  • Rental service (use of our Test Center for productions, bridging up to completion of own lines)
  • Subcontracting / job lamination of all kinds



In our test center you can convince yourself of the extensive range of applications our machines enable you to. Let our experts competently advise you on the individual technologies.

You can test the following applications:

  • Laminating
  • Consolidation
  • Prepreg-production
  • Sintering
  • Coatings with thermoplastic adhesives
  • Powder scattering applications
  • Roll material up to 1,800 mm
  • Panel material
  • Stamping of foams (approx. DIN A4)
  • Molding of small parts (approx. DIN A4)

In case you want to test further applications, please approach us.


The Meyer test center offers you a wide range of machines with which you can specially test individual applications and materials:

  • Leather lamination machine RPS-E2 1000

  • Laminating line, working width 1,800mm, consisting of:
    • KFK-XL 1900
    • Powder scatter PST 1900, scattering roller 225 mm
    • PST 1900, scattering roller 130 mm
    • IR-heating field 1900
    • Winding technology ZAW and release winder
    • Working platform with winding technology, 3 roll-off devices for feed from the top

  • Various laminating machines:
    • KFK-L 400
    • KFK-E 1900
    • KFK-P 1100
    • KFK-V

  • Prototyping (small presses 3530, hydraulic and pneumatic)

  • Small presses for thermomolding, pressing or hot stamping of DIN A4 sized samples:
    • Contact heating press APV 3530
    • Cooling press APV 35 30
    • IR-heating field 2530
    • Molding press with IR radiators AHV-S 3530
    • APM 1150 Fusing press
    • Consolidation press, discontinuously working (production of samples) 2 x AHV-S 3530, oil-tempered up to 300 °C

Contract lamination

We would be please to work with you on a variety of production orders. Amongst others this includes laminating of roll material, consolidation of fabric, prepreg-production and sintering.
Job laminations are charged per hour, per day or per running meter. Our experienced application engineers and line operators are at your disposal for this service.

If we can assist you, please contact us and we can arrange an appointment.

Ask us and use our know-how! Make an appointment in our Test Center.