PU-Film coating Pressure Sensitive Film Coating

This application is a classic lamination process. Here, two or three rolls are unwound and fed into a laminating machine to be rewound after the lamination. For two rolls it is coating (e.g. coating of a foam with SK film). When processing three rolls the middle one is a thermoplastic adhesive that bonds the other two materials. This method can also be used for hard materials –the material is then in the form of panels instead of roll material.

Application possibilities

  • SK-film on foam for sound or heat insulation
  • Bonding of a two-layer textile composite
  • Furnishing of foams or spacer fabrics as semi-finished products for leather lamination
  • Coating of rock wool with aluminum foil for roof insulation


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Line arrangement

A possible line arrangement for film coating of SK-film/PU-film looks as follows: